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About NCIP


Extremely Flexible Platform:

By integrating manufacturing expertise and operational excellence with strong product design capability and deep market insight, we have developed an "Extremely Flexible" platform to support ODM customers to deliver highly customizable solutions. Our platform is powered by advanced information technology, which not only improves our supply chain efficiency, but also reduces turnaround time for product launch.

Our Platform Advantage:

Highly customizable:

To meet changing requirement in today's dynamic market, our platform can provide highly customizable solutions for ODM customers to create their own lines of faucets.

Accelerate time to market:

Due to our fully-integrated supply chain and an optimized operation process, our platform outpaces standard ODM turnaround times. We significantly shorten ODM customer's time to market for their product launch.

Consistent quality at competitive cost:

By leveraging over 40 years of manufacturing and operational excellence in serving the global plumbing industry, we deliver products with consistent quality at a competitive cost.