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NCIP stands for"Cooperation in Peace". We cooperate and grow with our suppliers and customers to build strong and mutually beneficial long-term partnerships. Based on this philosophy, we have been implementing ESG (Environmental, social, and governance) principles for years. By embedding ESG principles into our strategy and operations, we deliver greener and integrated supply chain solutions to our worldwide customers. We are dedicated to supporting our customers to run a stronger business, and also build a better world.

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Extremely Flexible

By integrating manufacturing expertise and operational excellence with strong product design capability and deep market insight, we have developed an "Extremely Flexible" Platform to support customers to deliver highly customizable solutions. Our platform is also powered by advanced information technology, which not only improves our supply chain efficiency, but also reduces turnaround time for product launch.

Extremely Flexible Platform offers you tremendous selections and styles to build your own products and brand names to meet various and changing market preferences.


We offer superior quality of surface treatment by applying advanced technologies, which enhance abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.

  • Chrome
  • Satin Nickel PVD
  • Satin Brass PVD
  • Matte Black


Immortal Choice

The mirror-like silver surface is hard and durable, keeping its glossy appearance for a long time. It is the most widely used surface treatment in bathroom hardware

Satin Nickel PVD

Options to enhance environment

Satin Nickel is a buffed surface that reduces the gleam on the surface and gives a satin texture. Its soft, warm surface makes it a popular choice.

Satin Brass PVD

Highlight your bathroom

Satin Brass PVD has an elegant appearance with visible brush marks on the surface.

Matte Black

Create a modern experience

An essential tip in modern design. Subdued matte finishes, bring a new feeling to the hardware.

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